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This Kit is used to make it Easier to SAFELY detangle and separate knotted strands when taking Protective style down. 


Kit Items:

  • Lavender Scalp Cleansing Spray 
  • Hydrating Leave-in Conditioning Braid Spray 


Step 1: Apply Scalp Cleansing Spray directly to knot or new growth and rub the area with your two fingers back and forth, loosening the knot. 


Step 2: Apply Hydrating Leave-in Conditioning Braid Spray directly to knot or new growth and repeat the rubbing of the area. 


Step 3: Take down one braid to check accurate length of natural hair. Then you can cut an inch below where your natural hair stops to take braids down faster. 


Once you get to the root of each braid, take your time to pull small amounts of strands apart to safely detangle and please comb through from end to root to prevent hair from matting and severely tangling. 


You can follow this process up with EzBeautified Protective Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Silk Conditioner. Then use leave in conditioner to maintain moisture.

EZ Detangle Kit

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